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Factory direct printing long-lasting color with bright luminous paint luminous light-emitting phosphor powder 1 kg

Factory direct printing long-lasting color with bright luminous paint luminous light-emitting phosphor powder 1 kg

Shared by: Terrell Colchesters from ALIEXPRESS
  • Reference Price:
    US $166.67 / piece
  • EINECS No.:
  • Model:
  • Model Number:
  • Usage:
    Ceramic Pigments,Coating Pigment,Cosmetic Pigment,Ink Pigments,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Leather Pigments,-
  • Type:
  • MF:
  • Style:
    Inorganic Pigment
  • Brand:
    Xiu Cai Chemical
  • Color Classification:
    Pink Yellow Orange Red Purple Blue Green
  • Other Names:
  • Art paint types:
    Luminous paint / fluorescent paint
  • Package weight:
    0.010kg (0.02lb.)
  • Package Size:
    15cm x 15cm x 1cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 0.39in)
  • is_customized:
  • Brand Name:
  • Unit Type:
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Name:Luminous long-lasting color



Luminous powder is safe :Today the production of luminous radiation are not STORING type so the body is not completely environmentally friendly of any hazards

Life experience:This product is repeatedly absorbance-Luminous life is about15Above

How to test luminous :Get the sun or under the lights a few minutes after receiving the baby and then turn off the light absorption in the dark you can see the luminous effectFoshan Ying luminous color :Division I -induced long afterglow luminescent light emitting material-Luminous absorption in the visible15-30Minutes later , in the dark sustainable light10Hour or more , light effect, high brightness, long time .

I.Ying CaiLuminous pigment classificationEmission time and can use, and color can be divided into the following categories .

1Press emission time points we have:Short-acting and long-lasting luminous powder luminous.

A,Long luminous powder: Product life of more than15In.Long-lasting luminous absorbance10-30Minutes , luminous6-15Hours , applicable to all walks of life ;

B,Short-acting luminous ( ZnS ordinary luminous ): Absorbance3-10Second , the luminescence30-60Minutes , injection easy black, for the production of luminous toys , luminous clothing .

2, By using the medium of we have:Oily luminous ink , waterproof luminous , luminous injection , printing luminous paint luminous , luminous silicone rubber , ceramic luminous .

3Press luminous colors of us : white powder haveYellow-green , blue-green , sky blue, violet ; colored powders are ( green , pink, orange , orange , purple, lemon yellow , red , blue ) .

4, According to the particle size of the powder we have: from200Head to500Projects are available , including the same raw materials, high brightness coarse powder , a long time , to meet customer requirements for high luminous ; powder fine brightness slightly , but better dispersion , make products more smooth ;

5,Luminous particles ( glass craft only): We have a common yellow green particles , particles of blue-green , sky blue granules, glass crafts suitable for infusion ,POLYCrafts, such as transparent soft luminous products.

Second,Luminous use in a variety of dosage use media:The new long afterglow luminescent powder can be mixed with plastic Recommended dosage:5-20 %; Coatings, inks, paints recommended dosage:30-50 %; Unsaturated polyester crafts Recommended dosage:30-50 %;

Third, the luminous note:A, Afterglow luminance test isd65Standard light ,1000lxExcite5minValues obtained ;BAfterglow time is the afterglow luminance reach0.32mcd/m2Time(Human eye can see the brightness of the weakest).

CProduct color and appearance of luminous color are sample.D.Luminescent pigment than the major attention when using the mix .E.Metallic materials have a greater impact on the luminescent properties, should avoid contact with metal.F.It should be stored in ventilated , dry environment , pay attention to moisture , failed to finish using a luminescent pigment should be noted sealed.G.Usually large luminous powder particle size , brightness better. However, we recommend , first according to your manufacturing process, select the appropriate granularity of luminous paint.

Fourth,Choice of resins and varnishes: Epoxy (E440) , A polyurethane resin ( or varnish ) , amino varnish , polyester resin ( or varnish ) , an acrylic resin ( or varnish ) , hydroxy acrylic resin, polyurethane varnish ( two component ) , light color alkyd varnish , a fluorine resin or the like .

A,Luminous dosage of varnish : Recommended ratio of30-50 %( A large proportion of varnish )

B, Additives selection: luminous paint additives used mainly by dispersing agent , anti-settling agent .

Dispersant: methyl silicone dissolved in xylene solution , the concentration of1%

Anti-settling agent : fumed silica

C,Luminous paint/Paint preparation:

Was dissolved into the resin or varnish vessel ( glass, ceramic , glass-lined , plastic containers ) , adding additives , stirring was started , were added under stirring anti-settling agents, luminescent pigments, luminescent pigments until uniformly dispersed in the paint ,Mixing process to avoid contact with metal.

Fifth, the luminous range of applications :

Rare green luminous material with unique decor , warning function , widely used in the advertising industry, decoration decoration , factory plant in the dark channel , high-voltage , danger , warning potholes , nighttime construction site construction site safety alerts , military facilities no low energy lighting, the United States played in public places , warning systems, subways, railway stations, airports, ports , highways, city streets , shopping malls , office buildings , apartments, entertainment venues , movie theaters , playgrounds , scenic areas, gymnasium , exhibition centers, schools , hospitals and other warning signs , emergency evacuation systems , specifically in the staircases , corridors , walls, floors, decks, lifeboats, life-saving equipment , fire fighting facilities , can also be used in watches, buttons , field instruments , indicators, radio , cameras , generally jewelry, apparel , power switches, fishing equipment on .

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