2012 the new high-tech Electric warm floor / Warm-core if floor / infrared floor heating

2012 the new high-tech Electric warm floor / Warm-core if floor / infrared floor heating

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  • Reference Price:
    US $135.00 / Square Meter
  • Unit Type:
    square meter
  • Usage:
  • Place of Origin:
    Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • is_customized:
  • Package Size:
    82cm x 15cm x 17cm (32.28in x 5.91in x 6.69in)
  • Brand Name:
  • Type:
    Wood Flooring
  • Package weight:
    5.000kg (11.02lb.)
  • Wood Flooring Type:
    Birch Flooring
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Company Profile

Group subsidiary Guangzhou Heat Energy Technology Co. Ltd.. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in floor heating combo product development production and sales. The company is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland multiple production bases in Guangzhou Foshan the total area of over 30 000 m2 the full annual capacity of more than 2 million square meters.

Cooperation with many domestic and foreign universities research institutes and other institutions the establishment of school-enterprise cooperation platform the main nano thermal energy materials environmental protection energy materials new materials and cooling the new technology research and development to provide a solid technical support for the sustainable development of the company protection.

The world\'s newest high-tech fever floor. The company\'s products is independent invention With the relevant intellectual property rights and national patent certificate. Modular design the closed structure Waterproof Energy saving Environmental health Fever fast Good effect Comfortable and non-polluting Easy to install Not accounted storey Not dry No noise Intelligent temperature control Automatic constant temperature Automatically limit temperature Floor heating is equivalent to the life of the floor Maintenance-free.

Floor + To warm + Far-infrared health treatments Used to buy the floor an equal amount of money Can be purchased 3-like products. Summer without heating the same general floor Winter cold can be ohmic heating Farewell air conditioning diseases. Help you lower the cost of home improvement cost Save more money. Enjoy the high-tech fever floor. Is taste and noble identity

The Company Heat flooring products are PVC wood ceramic three series. Are environmentally friendly products Compliance with international environmental standards. Welcome to global merchants proxy distribution and OEM / ODM!

Bid farewell to air-conditioning diseaseFarewell Air conditioning HeatingEnjoy the natural electric heatingYour room is no longer coldProducts to adapt to the place:Bedroom heatingStudy anti-wetShowroom moisture proofStorage room is protected against moistureSchool classroomsGymSaunaHot yoga roomNurseryHotel GuesthousePet antifreeze house ....

(1) environmental protection waterproof does not distort

Fever floor full line products are environmentally friendly products in compliance with international environmental standards; product design for the closed structure water is not deformed. (2) energy saving (only 0.016 degrees / m / h) 1) The test environment for the office: an area of 20 square meters three meters high; 2) fever laying on the floor: 70% area of laying fever floor of 14 square meters 30% area of the laying of the floor 6 m without fever fever floor power 176Wx14 m = 2464W; 3) the external environment: the outdoor ambient temperature 9 C; 4) Indoor Environment: indoor temperature setting 24 C indoor and outdoor temperature of 15C; 5) the use of: a succession of 12 hours independent meter test the actual power consumption of 3.8 degrees; 6) units of consumption: 3.8/20 square meters 12h = 0.016 degrees / m / h. (3) fever the effect Heat directly to the heating zone 2 to 8 mm from the floor surface divergence greatly reduced the distance of the heat transfer electric conversion rates over 95%. Power of 20 minutes the floor surface temperature reaches above 30 degrees. (4) Shop Direct easy to install does not occupy the storey Unique structural design floor to warm the combo heating layer floor is a true self-heating type the floor below is no longer the laying of water pipes cables keel and other facilities the installation process is equivalent to ordinary wood floor very convenient. (5) comfortable healthy not dry No noise no pollution quit noise bottom-up fever in full compliance with the TCM theory cold head and warm feet health tips. Floor heating at the same time releasing far infrared wave prevention and therapeutic effect of the medical profession as the wave of life have a good old cold legs arthritis and other illnesses. (6) intelligent temperature control automatic thermostat automatic temperature limiter To warm the floor using an advanced smart thermostat technology. Dual dual-control design control the floor temperature or room temperature; the indoor temperature can be divided into the period setting humane intelligent temperature control; floor equipped with a safety temperature limiter device the temperature reaches 55 degrees or so floor automatic power-off does not work. (7) long life to warm the floor life long maintenance-free Inputs do not need all kinds of complex parts long life and the floor; traditionally warm water pipe repair watershed maintenance comprehensive cost down and any other heating methods have a value cost-effective. (8) to warm the floor combo the cost of lower cost cheaper (cost of 1 +1 <2): Advanced structural design floor to warm the combo floor coverings and heat dual function the floor price floor + floor heating + health functions to spend the same money to buy the kind of product.

Available colors/Can be customized

More colors please contact us advice.To warm the floor safe?A safe and reliable environmental performanceWood flooring volatile harmful gases in the geothermal environment considerable attention abroad flooring sold in the European market the annual geothermal flooring production more than 1 million square meters each batch of formaldehyde emission is far below the E0 class.Sika glueSika elastic rubber is the most famous brands in the global polyurethane flexible plastic all Sika elastic rubber the Foma geothermal floor coverings with plastic. Sika elastic rubber curing odorless formaldehyde emission close to 0.(3) a natural vegetable oil coating - environmental qualityWood flooring in the geothermal environment harmful gases volatile parabolic growth so to heat the floor of the environmental performance of a major event on consumer mental and physical health the Foma floors in the selection of non-formaldehyde glue paint surface with Europe\'s most environmentally friendly products - vegetable oil for surface coating. (Floor of the 360 - degree breathing)Vegetable oil floor the ability to regulate the environment - wood volumeFrom the microscopic point of view wood plays a role in the regulation of air in the room the wood moisture content and outdoor relative humidity associated with in addition from the environmental point of view the raw material of wood flooring wood has a good thermostat wet indoor and timber reach a certain number can be the indoor relative humidity temperature etc. adjust to the most suitable for the state of human survival. Therefore indoor wood and must reach a certain proportion of this is the wood of the concept the floor is the main source of the amount of wood in the living environment.Floor heating and high energy consumption?An excellent thermal efficiency: the authoritative department inspection report Foma Layer 2 to heat the floor of thermal efficiency 19C / h far more than the national standard 8C / h.To warm the floor and easy maintenance?Floor all installed within 24 hours may not be stepped on and use; 72 hours before placing furniture; may cause the floor to abnormal.Floor surface shall cover an area of more than 1.5 square meters of airtight material avoid the use of the legs of furniture.Regular cleaning and maintenance regular vacuuming or sweeping the floor to prevent sand and other hard objects to the accumulation and scratch the surface of the floor.Local dirty track available neutral detergent prohibited the use of organic solvents acid alkali or gasoline scrub.

Floor heating is one of the safest products in the heating industry because the heating floor has a three-dimensional security.

Fever floor heating chip

(1) carbon fiber far-infrared heat the product is non-metallic base material conductive heat electromagnetic radiation;

(2) heating the floor chip fully enclosed structure waterproof leakproof; (3) heating the floor as a whole fully enclosed structure waterproof leakproof design; (4) heating floor is made of insulating material to prevent leakage; (5) fever floor connection connector designed for creepage; (6) heat floor with the safe limits of temperature 50 C to eliminate the risk of continued warming; High energy consumption and heat the floor?

Fever floor durable? Fever floor on the market with ceramic floor life; fever floor heating chips are imported from Korea can be used continuously for more than ten million hours in each of four months 24 hours a day to calculate the service life of more than 35-50 years. Fever floor warranty for 15 years. Fever floor maintenance? Fever floor routine maintenance that ordinary floors ceramic tile very convenient do not need to like the water to warm as required every year in maintenance. Cost how to heat the floor?

Heat the floor to warm the product of the same grade the price is the highest. First of all quality is at this stage all to warm the product structure design is the most complete and best quality; Secondly the water warm or electric floor heating + floor compared to the price of heating floor have price advantage; Third in the course of energy conservation maintenance etc. is optimal.

Material: Solid woodOrigin: GuangzhouColor: VariousFunctions:Protected against moisture/Anti-cold/Heating heatingSpecification: 800 * 125 * 15 (mm)Floor thickness: 15mmScope: living room / bedroom / hotel / villa / school /Key gym/Other

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