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Brush spot welder welding machine

Brush spot welder welding machine

Shared by: Kianna Bowsher from ALIEXPRESS
  • Reference Price:
    US $11,401.14 / Bag
  • Model:
  • Package Size:
    27cm x 32cm x 30cm (10.63in x 12.60in x 11.81in)
  • Welding principle:
    Spot welding
  • Role of the object:
  • Unit Type:
  • Package weight:
    17.000kg (37.48lb.)
  • Dynamic Forms:
  • Max. Welding Thickness:
    2 (mm)
  • Usage:
  • Precision:
  • Drive form:
  • Specification:
  • Rated capacity:
    16 (KVA)
  • Style:
  • Action principle:
  • Band:
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Electric current:Direct-currentBrand:Fine sourceControl:NCWelding:Pressure

Copper wires , terminals,Electronic componentsSpot welding machine is mainly adapted to the motor winding and multi-strand copper wire sub , carbon brushes , connectors , electronic components, pins, welded wire harness automotive industry . Weld it eliminates soldering , riveting and other traditional connection caused connection is not secure and so on. The independent production company terminals welding machine for welding metal surfaces that require low , oxidation or plating can be welded ; welding a short time, without any flux, gas , solder ; welded joints after re- forming a metal alloy, good conductivity, resistivity is very low or almost zero .

Inverter DCCopper wires , terminals,Electronic componentsSpot welding characteristics:

l DC output.Welding current is pulsating DC ( waviness and small ) , no AC zero shortcomings of the workpiece is not continuous heating , heat is concentrated, Improve the welding heat efficiency,For non-ferrous materials and materials which are difficult to weld welding is particularly suitable , stable welding process , the welding quality improved significantly .Meanwhile, the electrode life get extended.

l By the microcontroller (MCU) control, with current, voltage, power monitoring capabilities.

l Inverter bridge soft switching technology , reducing the switching losses and reduce electromagnetic interference.

l With current disorders, monitoring overrun , net pressure gauge , overheating fault diagnosis and alarm functions.

l Inverter bridge current abnormal automatic shutdown , enhanced system protection .

l Three -stage heating setting , with current ramp slow down function , the time a wide range of settings (0-999ms), applicable to the complex needs of the welding process .

l 20Set of parameters stored to facilitate the use of a variety of welding varieties .

l 240x128 LCDDisplay, and display a variety of content.

l Strong external communication functions: welding the fault , the count signal , RS-232 data communication port ( optional ) , to facilitate the use of automatic welding .

l Data storage using EEPROM, no battery life problems.

Fast response . Energizing time control period is 1ms, increased by 20 times more than is usually 20ms AC welder

Three-phase balanced load , and the output waveform is stable . Frequency AC resistance spot welding power is relatively large, connected to the grid will result in a three-phase unbalanced load , the impact of power grid. Uses inverter technology reduces power requirements than single-phase inverter DC frequency AC significantly improved , while the three-phase input power inverter completely eliminates this effect.

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