Metal remote control universal remote control duplicator metal roll gate remote control

Metal remote control universal remote control duplicator metal roll gate remote control

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  • Reference Price:
    US $42.00 / lot
  • Video input:
    Wireless remote control
  • Package weight:
    2.000kg (4.41lb.)
  • Size:
    58 * 32 * 13 (mm)
  • Distance adjustment switch:
    Wireless remote control
  • Power:
    0.05 (w)
  • Package Size:
    39cm x 23cm x 33cm (15.35in x 9.06in x 12.99in)
  • Type:
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Unit Type:
    lot (3 pieces/lot)
  • Brand:
    Auburn St.
  • Wire Transfer:
    Wireless remote control
  • Model:
  • Specifications:
  • Power Input:
    12 (V)
  • Scope:
    Electric retractable door , electric road gates, electric shutter door
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Type:Wireless Remote Control

Self- copy type remote control manual

Wireless remote control is a copy of a new self-learning remote control, it can put another encoding remote control

This simply copied to the remote control, so as to have the same functions are duplicated on the remote control . Copy remote control variety, can copy the code chip range , the frequency can also be customized , after all RF remote control series in a "master key".

First, the working principle outlined :

The remote control is a remote control signal transmitter receivers sensed when the remote control close to the transmitter field strength is high and can detect that we designed this section based on this principle have remote control receive mode and transmit mode, the microcomputer IC learning signals and stored into the transmit mode upon completion , and then bring up the code and by matching response antenna out .

Two ,The remote control of parameters and settings as follows:

: Performance :

1This product can be copiedICModels2,262,226,015,272,240,527And compatibleICAnd so on.

2Without considering the shock resistance , this product will automatically compatible shock resistance .

3This product can not be copiedICAsHCS300 301And rolling code compatibleICAnd so on.

4This product uses batteries for12V 23AWhen insufficient Replace the batteries from the remote control .

5The remote control is a fixed frequency, commonly used for315MHz;433MHz. Please select the following specifications other frequencies when ordering :

303MHz / 310MHz / 330MHz / 350MHz / 370MHz / 390MHz / 418MHz / 430MHz

[2 : Copy method :First determine the remote operating frequency.

1 ,Clean code and recovery

Press and hold the top2Buttons ,OKLEDSuch as flashing off after about let go,2 SAfter theLEDLight starts flashing , indicating that the code has been cleared .


The original remote control left hand , right hand holding our Self remote control, two remote control as close as possible . Simultaneously press the corresponding button , two remote control ,3 SAfter theLEDLamp flashes , indicating that the original remote control key code has been our go Self learning remote control .

Other3The same operation buttons .


When you accidentally cleared the self- copy remote control code , you can press the remote control at the same time self- copy the following two buttons,3 SAfter theLEDLantern lit, then quickly flashes , indicating that the remote control code from the copy was reinstated .

Before using our self- copy remote control to copy , be sure to first remove the existing self- copy remote control codes.

Here is a test from the existing code to copy the remote control has not been successfully cleared of methods:

When you finish clearing code action , you can press any key from the copy , and if this timeLEDBlinking at the OFF state is not lit, it shows that since the copy of the code is completely clear , and if it isLEDIs lit and not flashing what goes out , indicating that since the copy of the code still exists.

Note:1, This section is a fixed frequency remote control,First figure out the best remote control before purchase what frequency.2The remote control of non- universal remote control , it is impossible to copy all existing kinds of remote control, which can be copied in the above description has been clearly listed , you can consult if you are unsure .3This manual is a manual copy of all styles from the uniform use of the remote control , not a description of each style special , all roughly usage since almost all copies of the remote control , please do not quibble flexible , you can not know in advance consultation.

This product is limited to the lawful use , if any consequences arising from illegal use and the company

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