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Shell Tile Backsplash Kitchen Design Mirror Wall stickers Mother of Pearl Tiles Painted Colorful Seashell Mosaic Bathroom Floor

Shell Tile Backsplash Kitchen Design Mirror Wall stickers Mother of Pearl Tiles Painted Colorful Seashell Mosaic Bathroom Floor

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Shell mosaic tiles also called mother of pearl tile pearl tile shell tile pearl mosaic some even called it jewelry pearl tile are absolutely natural and green building products which is ideal surface solution for creation of luxury but long lasting look of your architectural space.

Mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass easy installation of any mosaic tile projects.

The shell mosaic tile has a zero water absorption rate and this tile exceeds ANSI standards for water absorption for mosaic tile.

It is strong durable contamination free and only the best quality tiles are selected as our tiles are inspected for blemishes before shipment.

Each sheet of this tile is approximately 1 square feet (12 * 12 inch) 11 sheets for 1 square meter.

See the details of the shell mosaic tile

Front side of the shell mosaic tile

Back of the shell mosaic tile (mesh mounted)

Other details of the shell mosaic tile

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Our packaging is the industry\'s best packaging regardless of packaging materials packaging come up over a long period. Cardboard box cardboard imported high-quantity high quality and tough and the surface has a foam bottom layer of foam surmounted by four sides. Product installed with him sealing glue to seal the box and then marked twice with high-quantity packaging to ensure the package seal a solid not easily deformed. Significantly reduce out packaging products generated during transport damage damage to my lower rates than 98% of peers. We demand to achieve excellence to provide customers with better service better products.

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Shell mosaic tile installation guide Mix the powder thin-set mortar with latex additive in bucket that can easily be found in most home improvement stores. Before laying the mosaic tiles a thin layer of cement mortar should be pasted to the cover surface. Then fill the joints between each small mosaic tile on the net with white mortar paste press the mosaic sheet toward the wall in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the setting paper. Press the mosaic sheet toward the wall surface to make it even and attach it to the surface. Level up the surface of the mosaic tiles towards the wall. Fill up the joints evenly with white grout. Clean up the remaining grout and adhesive on surface with a soft cloth and tissue after about 1 hour dry. The installed mosaic tiles will dry in about 24 hours.

NOTICE: These above installation methods are suggested and based on our own technical experiences. It is for your reference only. No warranty is implied. For best results please hire a professional tile installer experienced in the application of glass mosaic tiles porcelain mosaic tiles or mother of pearl tiles.

Also you can refer to an official glass tile installation instruction from the CTIOA (ShellMosaic Tile Institute of America).

FAQs for shell mosaic tile

Q: Why shell mosaic tile qualify for green product?

A: Shell mosaic tile it is called shell tile seashell tile shell mosaic tile. shell mosaic tile are 100% natural products that coming from the natural shell no industrial waste or energy were used in manufacturing the beautiful shell mosaic tile thus qualifying as green products.

The american leading designers & architects have been using shell mosaic tile as wall and floor tile & covering.

Shell mosaic tile is becoming popular as wall tiles kitchen backsplash tiles shower tiles bathroom tiles and more?

Only the best quality shell mosaic tile will be selected as our products both 2mm and 8mm are suited to your remolding project.

Q: Whether or not shell mosaic tile applies to your kitchen & bathroom project?

A: Absolutely! shell mosaic tiles are completely impervious materials. And shell mosaic tile are 100% made of natural shell materials turning used-to-be waste into beautiful decor products is great product for your kitchen & bathroom wall and flooring projects.

If you visit the most popular professional home improvement and design website(houzz) you can see thousands of shell mosaic tile projects that used shell mosaic tiles for kitchen and bathroom wall and flooring projects by leading american designers and architects.

Q: What is the difference between 2mm & 8mm thickness shell mosaic tile? Will 2mm thick shell tile have any installation issue that will not align with other surface covering materials such as glass tile porcelain tile stainless steel tile or copper tile?

A: In fact the chip (surface) of 2mm and 8mm thickness shell mosaic tiles are same. The only difference is that 8mm thickness is with a porcelain base to make the shell mosaic tile is more convenient to align with other porcelain or glass tile with the same 8mm (3/8 ) thickness thus making the installation easier.

However the 2mm has much better cost-effective solution because after the pearl tile is installed the appearance and effect will be the same between 2mm and 8mm. For the shell tile the beauty is the natural shell iridescence of the surface of the shell different than glass tile which the beauty of glass tile partially created by the light reflection inside and through the glass the thicker glass is the better reflection and feel it is; that is why 8mm thickness glass mosaic tile is the mainstream in todays market place.

Although the installation of 2mm thick shell tile will be tougher than that of 8mm thickness pearl tile your tile contractor/installer with experience can easily level the area where the pearl tiles will be installed to other thickness tile whatever it is glass tile or porcelain tiles or even stainless steel tile or copper tile or any other wall covering materials.

Q: Most of your shell mosaic tiles look white but which one is the whitest option for our entire shell mosaic tiles?

A: In general we have following three types of shell mosaic tile in terms of color.

Whitest Natural White majority chips are white with small percentage of natural yellow and minimum natural grey overall is white. Less White Natural White + Natural Yellow + Natural Grey Randomly Mixed reflecting the very natural color in original shell. Least White (more natural yellow and gray) Gorgeous shine with original color richness of iridescence. Almost every chip with Natural White + Natural Yellow + Natural Grey. The iridescent chips reflect different colors and views from different angles especially under the light.

Different people have different tastes. Some people prefer whitest some people prefer the natural colors with more natural yellow and gray.

Q: What type of grout should you choose? Sand-free or fine-sand?

A: Please use unsanded (sand-free) grout. Unsanded grout is for smaller grout joints and it will not scratch the polished pearl surface. In order to enhance the luster and shine in your shell mosaic tile installation make sure that the grout haze is removed from the shell mosaic right after you finish grouting.

Q: What grout color should you choose?

A: Choosing the right grout is important for your project. Just like picking out tile there are many different types of grout to choose from. Choosing a specific grout color could change the overall color appearance of the mosaics and the way that your entire project looks! Usually there are three approaches to selecting grout colors that are used: blending contrasting and accenting.

Blending is the most common approach and what we recommend for most projects. This involves choosing the grout color that matches with the color in your tile. For example you can blend by using white grout with our shell mosaic tile which is natural white majority chips are white with small percentage of natural yellow and minimum natural grey overall is white.

Similarly if you are looking to blend grout with our Natural White + Natural Yellow + Natural Grey Randomly Mixed reflecting the very natural color in original shell shell mosaic tiles we recommend picking up on the beige and white undertones in the tile so using a beige or white grout would blend perfectly.

Q: What do I cut the shell mosaic tiles with?

A: Sometimes shell mosaic tile is used with other tiles for wall and floor covering in different size. Perhaps it needs to cut the shell mosaic tiles into small pieces.

Most of our shell mosaic tiles is mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass. however it is easy for you to cut them into pieces with a knife which is used for cutting paper as bellow and it will not damage the tiles with rough edges.

Q: We\'d like to use this pearl tile in our bathroom and shower area. Do you grout it at all? If not how do you prevent the water from going through to the wall?

A: The shell mosaic tile without the grout line does NOT need to grout at all. You just need to use the thinset to install to the wall.

The shell mosaic tile is completely impervious meaning it does not absorb any water. So the water will not go inside the shell mosaic tile but will just slide down on the wall covered by the shell mosaic tile.

Quality discrimination

Mosaic color meterials

Mosaic primer

Mosaic size

Mosaic glazed surface

Mosaic is mesh mounted on fiber glass

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