The simple abstract striped Special of PVC wallpaper warm bedroom living room TV background wallpaper Specials free shipping

The simple abstract striped Special of PVC wallpaper warm bedroom living room TV background wallpaper Specials free shipping

Shared by: Sunny Cobbing from ALIEXPRESS
  • Reference Price:
    US $39.71 / piece
  • Vinyl Wallpaper Type:
    Paper Back Vinyl Wallpapers
  • Charge Unit:
  • Material:
  • Function:
  • Use:
    Living Room
  • Dimensions:
  • Package weight:
    2.000kg (4.41lb.)
  • Brand Name:
  • Unit Type:
  • Pattern:
  • Style:
  • Type:
    Vinyl Wallpapers
  • Package Size:
    55cm x 10cm x 10cm (21.65in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
  • Surface treatment:
  • Usage:
  • Model Number:
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Specification: Volume 5.3 square meters ( 0.53 meters wide 10 meters long ) Price: the price of a roll of price. Excluding accessories and installation costs. View other promotional entering the shop Weight: a roll of about 2 kg.

Material: Vinyl wallpaper 8 - 10 years (normal use) Features: environmental protection natural comfortable and fresh. Cordial simple!

All our wallpaper non-self-adhesive wallpaper glue and other accessories are sold separately.

Note: different times produced wallpaper may have a little color different You must be sure to buy enough disposable second purchase can not be guaranteed to be completely the same first!

About Express: We default send China Post if you are anxious to use please contact us we can choose according to your needs other courier freight according to the actual charge! Delivery time: spot three days delivery no spot for 5-7 days the specific delivery time please contact customer service!

Wallpaper Construction Notice Analysis of quality defects Does not flower wallpaper mark the number should be in the same direction a cis-paste to avoid light refraction color wallpaper. 1 wallpaper seam cracking (1) Softening long time swelling stretched too large dry forming contraction joints. (2) scraper paste excessive force wallpaper stretch excessive dry forming contraction joints. (3) sunlight the breeze Chuigua caused by uneven shrinkage the formation of local shrinkage cracking. (4) a Choudao process seam blade repeated significant seam. (5) construction site in poor light conditions the operator is lax on the seam. Wallpaper open plastic off (1) gluing tainted brush at the gum insufficient cause. (2) Scraper air bubbles flat bubble isolation wallpaper does not stick to the surface of the base. (3) Wall wet adhesive quit wall distribution of moisture wallpaper muster open plastic. (4) failed to brush the base oil closed walls the wall alkaline or other wallpaper glue deterioration caused by chemical substances glow causing adhesive failure wallpaper open plastic. The Above Just avoid to prevention and treatment. Such as bubbles the release of the the wallpaper surface of the eye with a needle gas and then the needle into the adhesive with a scraper to catch flat compaction. Wallpaper posts after the overall effect of asymmetric pattern Paste the front row width from the center line of the whole wall to both sides of the row center complete pattern on both sides of incomplete symmetrical pattern. Or from both sides of the row width so that both sides of the pattern complete routed to the centerline to form a greater than or less than the full pattern symmetrical pattern it will ensure that the overall effect of symmetry. 6 the front of the wallpaper adhesive contamination 1. Gluing uniform amount the scraper drive pressure no extra glue squeezed out from the cracks can be avoided. 2 operator careful not to contaminate the wall Seven irregular edge of the wallpaper burrs cracks Wallpaper knife cutting the blade is not sharp. The cut material is not long enough defective. 3 closing edge of the gap with the base surface (base uneven surface). VIII wallpaper by refraction of light bright surface uneven color 1 not spend wallpaper does not paste a forward direction. The same type of paper batch number and date of manufacture. 3 seams adhesive is not cleaned dry layer film formed on this layer of film wallpaper in a photorefractive uneven color.

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